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360° Toothbrush with Silicone Bristles and Blue Light Technology

360° Toothbrush with Silicone Bristles and Blue Light Technology

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Smart U-Shaped Children's Electric Toothbrush 🪥

Elevate your child's dental care with the power of technology! 🚀

Key Features: 🌈

  • 🍼 Food-Grade Silicone: Gentle and gum-friendly! Two brush head options cater to 2-6-year-olds and 6-14-year-olds, ensuring all-around tooth care, enamel protection, and a comfy brushing experience. 🦷🤗

  • 🌟 5 Cleaning Modes: Choose from Massage, Gentle, Cleaning, Gum Protection, and Deep Cleaning modes to suit different age groups and oral care needs. 🚿

  • 🌀 Magnetic Levitation Sonic Cleaning: Our low-amplitude vibration motor is designed with kids in mind, delivering effective yet gentle cleaning. 😁

  • 🏞️ Short Axis Magnetic Suspension Motor: Light and specially designed for children, it reduces tooth strain and provides a fun up-and-down brushing experience. 🪀

  • ⏲️ 60s Smart Timing Reminder: Instill a healthy brushing habit from a young age! ⏰

  • 💡 Blue Light Disinfection and Whitening: Say goodbye to traditional toothbrushes! Make brushing a delightful experience for your child. 💫

  • 🔄 USB Fast Charging: A quick 2-hour charge keeps the toothbrush powered for 15 days, ensuring uninterrupted oral care. 🔌

  • 💧 IPX7 Waterproof: The entire device is washable, guarding against water droplets entering the body. 🚿

Upgrade your child's dental routine with the Smart U-Shaped Children's Electric Toothbrush: Food-grade silicone, 360° cleaning, 5 modes, and IPX7 waterproof protection. 🌟🦷


Food-grade Silicone, Soft And Does Not Harm Gums

Two types of brush heads for 2-6 years old can fit the teeth in all directions, protect the enamel, and bring a comfortable brushing experience

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